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Frequently Asked Questions

Damage and Repairs

Can the rock chip in my windshield be repaired?
Yes. As with an auto windshield, a rock chip on your RV's windshield can be repaired, depending upon the size of the damaged area. A chip in the larger curved areas of some RV windshields can be more difficult to repair. A qualified glass shop will be able to make this determination when they inspect it.
Can the crack in my windshield be repaired?
As a general rule with RVs, if the crack is less than one inch in length an effective repair can likely be performed.
My windshield cracked, but I don't see evidence of a rock chip or other damage. What could have caused this?
Damage not associated with any type of object or impact is usually classified as a stress crack. A stress crack can be defined as a break that results from excessive pressures applied to the windshield by torsional flexing. This stress can occur during the process of leveling your coach, especially in extreme conditions. Driving on excessively uneven ground can cause twisting of the front cap on some motor homes. If your coach has ever sustained a significant collision, especially in the front cap area, a distortion of the windshield opening may have occurred. In the case of this last situation, we suggest having a qualified body shop inspect the opening prior to replacing the windshield(s).
Do I have to replace the rubber gasket around my windshield when I replace the glass?
No. In fact, you should reuse the existing gasket whenever possible. When removing the existing gasket, there is always some risk of breaking an adjoining windshield, encountering sagging of the front roof structure, or having to deal with problems arising from the fit of a new gasket to the original paint lines on your coach. Generally speaking, a gasket should only be replaced if it is found to have deteriorated due to dry rot or UV damage, or if some type of collision damage has been sustained. If it must be replaced, make sure the job is performed by a professional windshield installer in a controlled environment, preferably in a shop.
Can I drive my coach immediately after the windshield has been replaced, or does it need to sit for a period of time?
It is good to have your coach remain stationary and level for 2-4 hours after an installation in order to allow the windshield to set properly and allow time for the urethane to cure. "Set time" will always depend upon the type of installation and the cure time of the urethane. Some installations will require a full 24 hours before drive away is recommended. Always check with the on-site installer for specific instructions regarding your particular coach and installation.


Will filing a windshield repair or replacement claim with my insurance company cause an increase in my rates?
In most cases a comprehensive glass claim will not increase insurance rates. Please contact your insurance company to determine the specifics of your individual policy.
I don't have insurance coverage for my RV windshield. Can I still work through your company to get my windshield replaced or repaired?
Yes. RV Glass Solutions offers the same service and quality of service to individuals and insurance companies alike.

Working With RV Glass Solutions

If I need to have my windshield repaired or replaced, is it best to contact my insurance company first, or can I just call you?
Feel free to contact RV Glass Solutions first. We can guide you through the insurance process and make your experience as painless as possible right from the start.
How long does it take for my windshield to arrive once I order it?
Because we work out of four fully-stocked warehouses across the continental U.S., RV Glass Solutions is able to get most windshields to our customers within 2-3 days. We have warehouse locations in Elkhart (IN), Coburg (OR), Phoenix (AZ), and Lakeland (FL).
Do I have to bring my coach into a shop for the repair/replacement of the glass?
Not necessarily. Some windshield applications are best done in the controlled environment of a qualified shop. Most glue-in windshields should be done in-shop, while gasket-set applications can often be completed onsite. It is very difficult to transport a one-piece windshield and many shops will require an in-shop installation for this reason. RV Glass Solutions will advise you of the best method to ensure a quality installation for your specific RV.
Who should I contact when I have questions after an installation?
If you have any questions or concerns after the installation, we encourage you to contact RV Glass Solutions as soon as possible. We have a network of qualified shops across the country that can assist you. We offer a true nationwide warranty on every installation.

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