• Avatar Joe B Cooper says:

    I work for an RV dealership in Clio Michigan. Customers occasionally inquire regarding the R-value of standard windows as opposed to a thermal pane design. These are individuals who are interested in all season camping or travel (we’re mainly talking travel trailers here). Accordingly, my question is simply: What is the R-factor in a standard window versus a thermal pane design?

    • Hi Joe, probably the greatest advantage of dual pane windows over single pane is the reduction of noise and condensation. That said, one test rendered a single pane @ .9 R value vs a dual pane with no inert gas (just air) @ 1.9 R value. These numbers can vary based upon the air gap size but that gives you a ballpark to work with. Hope this is helpful!

  • Avatar Eddy says:

    Just had our windshield refitted and a new rubber kit installed in Lakeland Florida,,, RV Glass solutions Cory and Richard are the best,,,,,,they did a great job,,,
    I would say five and a half stars for them .
    Eddy and Rita Antler,,,,,,Sudbury ontario Canada
    Marry Christmas and happy new year…thanks

  • Avatar Mark says:

    Is the side glass replacement available at the Lakeland location too?

    • Hi Mark, YES, we certainly can facilitate side glass replacement at our Lakeland facility! The best place to start would be to contact our RV glass specialists at 888.777.6778 and let them know how we can best serve you 🙂

  • Avatar William wade says:

    I have a 2001 Winnebago passager side window is fog up how do I replace it motorhome 35ft long work horse

    • We offer laminated side windows with a lifetime guarantee. Depending upon the thickness of your glass and your location, we can certainly help you solve your foggy window problems once and for all. Give us a call for full details at 888.777.6778.

  • Avatar Steve says:

    I’m interested in the glass replacement but wondering if the noise factor and the dew factor on the window is just as good as the old dual pane window, have foggy Windows and am now in California looking for solutions, also what is price for this window laminate replacement ? I have a 2008 Fleetwood, need passenger and driver windows done

  • Hi Steve, the insulating value of the laminated windows vs the thermal paned windows is not the same but we have had many of our customers tell us they feel their coach is quieter with the laminated windows. The best advice would be to speak with others who have had us replace their windows. We have not had any complaints about decreased insulation. Mostly we hear, “we should have done this a long time ago”. Give us a call at 888.777.6778 and we can quote your windows for you as it will vary according to model. We can provide replacement services in our Phoenix, Coburg and Elkhart facilities.

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