4 Things You Should Know About Rock Chips

So you have a rock chip. Don’t feel badly. We all land ’em at one time or another. The question IS, what do you do about it?

First and foremost, you should tend to your rock chip sooner rather than later. By getting it repaired sooner, you lessen the chance of it worsening or becoming a crack and getting moisture and dirt in the chip. Ideally you’d have your rock chip repaired during dry weather and never in the hot sun. If you wash your windshield on a hot day and you have a rock chip, you are at risk of it spreading. By the same token, if the weather is cold and you are running heat in your coach, it could result in a cracked windshield.  At the very least, apply a rock chip patch to keep moisture and dirt out, as this can make an eventual repair less successful.


Bullseye rock chip before repair

Not all rock chips are created equal.

Yours may be a bullseye, which has the best repair outcome, or it may be a spider or star, like the one shown below.

The star is more difficult to repair because you have to inject resin into the tiny fractures. Very small chips are more difficult to repair and may have a less satisfactory result. Rock chips near the edge of the windshield are more likely to spread.

Spider or Star rock chip before repair

Spider or Star rock chip before repair

As a general rule, rock chips larger than a quarter are not recommended for repair. The larger they are, the more they compromise the windshield. For this reason your insurance company may prefer you replace the shield rather than risk the crack. If your rock chip is in the line of vision (which means within your windshield wiper swipe and above the steering wheel), it is often handled on a case-by-case basis. The concern here is that the repair could cause distortion and again, your insurance company would rather see you replace the shield than risk distorted vision.

The process for your rock chip repair is quick, typically requiring 15-20 minutes per chip. It involves cleaning the site, drilling into the middle of the chip and injecting a resin that will cure, filling the spider cracks to prevent spreading. While repair is typically quite successful, you can expect a better result with the bullseye than the spider. Once your rock chip has been repaired, it cannot be repaired again.

But here is some good news. Next time you see RV Glass Solutions out and about at a rally, ask them for a rock chip patch. This is a great thing to keep in your glove box, in the event you encounter a chip. If you find yourself with a rock chip, give us a call. We have more than 2500 service facilities across the U.S. and we can set you up with an appointment and handle the paperwork with your insurance company. It’s quick, painless and in most cases, will not require a deductible.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Rock chip repair,

    I have a customer with a spider type chip and they are concerned that during the repair it can crack out further causing the entire shield to have to be replaced. How often does a chip repair crack out the entire shield during the repair process?

    • Hi Jeremy, the answer to that question depends upon a few things:

      1. The size of the spider-type chip. If larger than a quarter, the likelihood of it spreading, is far greater.
      2. The location of the chip. The closer it is to the edge of the shield, the more risk there is of it spreading. Of course, you want to be careful of anything in the line of vision as well.
      3. As noted in this blog, whenever you perform a rock chip repair, make sure you aren’t working in extreme temperatures. If the glass is hot from the sunlight, for example, it could crack.

      Hope this is helpful!

  • Barry Roach says:

    I need a driver side half windshield for 1991 Champion Ultrastar but couldn’t get your “free quote” feature to work …. so I’m trying this route. Thanks

    • Hello Barry,

      We are very sorry the ‘free quote’ feature wasn’t performing for you. We will email you independently to quote your Champion Ultrastar — and hopefully learn more about what isn’t working correctly on our site. Apologies for the hiccup and thank you for reaching out 🙂

  • Barry mettert says:

    I bought a 88 Gmc suncrest rv , both front windsheilds where broke and I need them both repaired.how much would it cost to have them fixed.

  • Steve Kanthack says:

    I am traveling and a hwy rock put a star type ding less than a quarter size in the windshield. I had it filled by my insurance co. It has now got a finger crack coming off of it that is about 2′ long. I have a 2014 fleetwood storm with a one piece windshield.
    I am in Prescott AZ heading to Taos NM. When and where would my best option for replacement be. I have a 0 deductible insurance policy from the Hartford.
    Can it be done on the road or best on Taos where I will be for the summer?
    Steve Kanthack

    • Hi Steve, by now you know we can hook you up with one of our shops along your route and it sounds like your work will be performed any day now! Thank you for contacting RV Glass Solutions!

  • Dzn says:

    I have a rock chip in my car but not in my RV. My RV windshield does have scratches in it and pits that were there when I bought it about five years ago

  • Dan says:

    I have a rock chip in my car but not in my RV. My RV windshield does have scratches in it and pits that were there when I bought it about five years ago

    • Hi Dan. Sometimes scratches can be improved upon but there is little that an be done for pitting. Hopefully neither are in your line of vision such that is causes you a problem, but if you would like further advice on addressing the scratches, feel free to give us a call at 888.777.6778. We can also connect you with one of our shops regarding your auto windshield, if you wish to pursue that.

  • John Turner says:

    I have a broken drivers side window on a 2002 Safari Trek that needs to be replaced. I live in Salem and wondered if you have a recommended glass installer in either Salem area or Albany. I have had work done by Smith Glass in Albany and have been happy with their work. Your recommendation would be appreciated.

    • Hi John, We work with several shops in the Salem area. We’d be happy to share a few options or if you’ve been happy with Smith, we can certainly get your glass to them to help get you taken care of. Feel free to give us a call at 888.777.6778. We’ll drop you an email too.

  • Denise says:

    We have a 2004 Alfa See Ya and while traveling back from Sturgis was hit by what was the size of a small rock causing the drivers windshield to immediately not only spider but caused an approximate 2″ crack; my questions are…
    1) is it dafe to drive?
    2) can u recommend anyone who can replace it (as we are quite sure its beyond repair) in our next stop of Hot Springs Arkansas?
    We “THANK YOU”, in advance, for your help

    • Hi Denise,

      So sorry to hear about your rock chip! Yes, you can drive your coach and YES, we can recommend a shop to replace the glass as well as arrange to have the glass shipped to to the shop. This replacement comes with a nationwide warranty so you can feel comfortable knowing we can help you wherever your travels take you. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us at 888.777.6778 and we’d be happy to get something lined up!

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